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These short films have allowed us to play with form and style as well as with different equipment and artists. Many have played in festivals around the world


From Norine Braun’s 13th album Songs For Trees, The Burning was truly a trial by fire. Written and recorded during the searing, out-of-control wildfires that devastated the province. Inspired by the need to save the ancient trees and to live sustainably — and using Dante’s Inferno and his descent through hell as inspiration for her potent lyrics. That imagery inspired the video.

Special thanks to DOP Zach Houston and Darren Borrowman.

Directed by David C. Jones
Music by Norine Braun


Kocomenepeca is from the album Gone To The Spirits by Norine Braun that tells the story of a Ktunaxa warrior woman, prophet and guide from the early nineteenth century from the interior of BC. I was very excited to to directed, shoot and edit this almost zero budget video for her.

Directed by David C. Jones
Music by Norine Braun


Winner – People’s Choice Award – Best Short Film – Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Elizabeth has been in love with Irwin for 35 years, but they have been married for 47. Inspiration comes when a musical pair of lesbians arrive at their little island bed & breakfast.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by David C. Jones
Music by Peter Abando


A dark comedy about gay-bashing…sort of. Three friends kick out a member of their coffee claque for a surprising reason.

Coffee Club’s debut was at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in 2011.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by David C. Jones


Film school students acted in and handled all the production side of things like locations, wardrobe and props. Scarred was also written by a student.

Inspired by a true story – a young man would rather be an actor than reveal his real self. Pretending to be someone else is one way to keep it together when everything is falling apart.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by Brendan Mackereth
For Vancouver Film School.


A naughty comedy about a man who has been passed over for not only a promotion but also an incentive trip, so he seeks retribution. With his uninformed boyfriend as accomplice he forgets one rule of revenge. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

The Bonus was developed as part of a reality TV show called Hot Pink Shorts on Out TV in which industry professionals’ mentor four filmmakers from across Canada who they write and produce and direct a short film.

Directed by David C. Jones
Produced by Stephen Sawchuk


Set in 1948, “Caught” is a tuneful memory film of a shy teenager who is tempted by an alluring new student.  Shot in Super 8, Caught has played in festivals around the world.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by David C. Jones
Music by Kevin McLardy


This was an experiment in imagery and locations.

A serious, atmospheric film about one half of a couple in quiet turmoil due to lack of public displays of affection – based on a poem by Dane B. McFadhen.

Directed by David C. Jones
Music by Jonathan Wiltse


A parody PSA about the ban by the Canadian Blood Bank on homosexual donors, Mad Blood has been seen in schools and on various political web sites.

Directed by David C. Jones
Writen by Derek Bedry


An interracial couple get into a witty debate when one of them decides that he no longer wants to be labeled ‘gay”. Labels was screened at the Out On Screen festival in Vancouver, BC.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by Ryan Clayton


A neighborhood bursts into song when a young man is verbally mocked in the re-imagine 1965 protest song written by Sonny Bono. 22 actors, two city blocks, one truck, one take! This film continues to play around the world.

Directed by David C. Jones
Conceived by David C. Jones


A mockumentary that examines the effects on the community when otherwise respectable middle-aged people suddenly stop acting their age.

Directed by David C. Jones & John McGie
Written by the ensemble

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