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When the pandemic hit it threw most people into a spiral of anxiety, depression and/or confusion. Many people lost income and that was especially true for performing artists as contracts were cancelled while the world figured out what to do next and how to do it.

DCJ Productions tried to keep busy with some interesting creative projects.

Short Sample Clip


Working with Labmations, DCJ Productions helped produce the online kid’s show Missing Santa – a fundraiser for the West Coast Kids. This project was shot almost entirely on green screen and DCJ Productions created 7 of the 24 scenes.

Here are two of those scenes.

Written by Ed Walwail & David C. Jones
Directed by Ed Walwail & David C. Jones with Braydon Langford
Edited by David C. Jones and Ed Walwail
Sound Mixing by Christopher King

These next four short films were from of the seven part Pandemic Film Challenge created by Bob Woolsey, Darren Borrowman and Tom Belding. Participants had to write a two to three-page script based on a theme and contain a specific line of dialogue provided. The scripts were then anonymously distributed to the other writers who had just over 48 hours to film it following strict COVID guidelines.

DCJ Productions was involved in two of the seven weeks.

THEME: Redemption
LINE OF DIALOUGE: “I didn’t expect that to happen.”


A well-meaning villain tries to be a super as his brother to gain favour with his father but his attempts to be evil keep going right, which is wrong.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by Alyssa Ciccarelli


A bored and angry man takes his frustration out on-line  and on his neighbours, but when he overhears an unexpected reaction he is changed.

Directed by Mostafa Shaker
Written by David C. Jones

THEME: Revenge
LINE OF DIALOUGE: “I forgive you.”


A man is interviewed for TV news magazine so about a natural disaster that happened in the small town where he lived that may not have been natural at all.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by Nick Humphries & Brandon Peterson


A young man makes huge assumptions about an interaction he had with another man online.

Directed by Andrew J, Bullis
Written by David C. Jones

DCJ Productions produced a couple of monologues for various online events during the pandemic ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary – one is included below.


A man draws a correlation between frontline workers and superheroes while on a break from his job.
Originally produced for the Monologues for the Brave charity event, this was also finalist in the Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written by John McGie

DCJ Productions also produced 11 different musical videos – some as part of an ISO-MINI-MUSI series featuring assortment of wild characters all played by David.


All nine of the characters from the ISO-MINI-MUSI You Tube series came together to  sing a song of hope. This video was made possible with the generous support of the BC Arts Council.

Edited by Christopher King
Sound Mixing by Matthew Presidente


This song from 1941 was produced for the Fabulist Theatre fundraiser Friends of Dorothy that benefitted Equity Fights AIDS.

Edited by David C. Jones and Ed Walwail
Sound Mixing by Christopher King



Writer and composer Grant Mitchell Hunter adapted a short scene from his full length musical of the same name into a YouTube musical sketch.
Each actor was actually filmed separately and then edited together to look like they were all in the same Zoom meeting.

Directed by David C. Jones
Written and Composed by Grant Mitchel Hunter

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