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David C. Jones – filmmaker

David C. Jones is an actor, keynote speaker, writer, filmmaker and teacher. He has made short films that have screened around the world in such locales as Torino, Bangalore and St. Petersburg and also produced a TV series for Out TV called Tops & Bottoms.

He started out making funny corporate videos for companies like West Fraser Timber, Business Objects and Tourism Vancouver and that lead the graduate of Studio 58 to start making narrative based short films.  He experimented in form and style in his early shorts such as shooting on Super 8. Several other short films were created as he studied all aspects of visual story telling. He alternated between impressionistic dramas to black comedy to documentary short.

He was honoured to be one of 5 filmmakers commissioned to create a short documentary as part of the Queer History Project for The vancouver Queer Film Festival. His film Laughing Behind Enemy Lines, delved into the unintended activism of female impersonators in Vancouver in the 1950’s to the 1980’s. It screened at Out On Screen twice!

He was one of 4 filmmakers chosen from across Canada to be part of a reality TV show called Hot Pink Shorts. Industry professionals mentored each person as they wrote and directed a film. His project was a sex comedy entitled, The Bonus.

He has created several PSA’s for 30th Annual VQFF as well as Canadian Actor’s Equity. His short film, Same Boat won the OUTtv’s People Choice Award for Best Short Film.

The pandemic found David learning how to create digital effects for a variety of fundraising projects.

He continues to explore, learn and create.

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